Event Kiosk

Event Kiosk is an example of a complete implementation of the kiosk project toolkit, kiosk OS. Click here for more info

Kiosk Browser

The Kiosk Browser is a lockdown browser build on the mozilla(firefox) browser codebase. The use of standards based web technologies make creating content as easy as making web pages. It has many features including an onscreen keyboard. Click here for more information

Fennec Kiosk Browser

The Fennec kiosk browser is a customized Firefox mobile browser for Android(arm). This is an experimental(for now!) build that goes full screen and hides the andriod navigation and system bars. The goal is to make a simple kiosk for tablets.
Here is a link to the patch fennec-46.0a1.diff
Here is link to the apk fennec-46.0a1.en-US.android-arm.apk

Read2Me Read2Me

Read2Me is the screen reader component for the Kiosk Browser. Originally developed for the LinspireOS customized firefox web browser(lbrowser). The read2me firefox extension uses the festival speech synthesis program(linux only)

Audio Transcriber

Transcriber is a program to copy an audio stream to tracks for a cd. Written in perl and using the perlTK UI toolkit. Makes transcribing audio(like cassette tapes, Lp's, radio) to tracks that can be burnt to cd tracks easy. Also copy(rip) a cd. Target operating system is Linux.